• Help your dog with natural and safe remedies

    Learn 20 flower essences and combination formulas that help nervous, anxious, stressed out dogs feel better.

  • Prepare for potentially stressful events

    Learn how best to stay relaxed and confident so you can support your dog while at the vet or in other anxiety provoking circumstances.

  • Learn to spot the signs of anxiety

    Accurately identify your dog's patterns and precisely match the most helpful flower essences to help your dog be happier and calmer.

Why take this course?

  • Is your dog fearful of new people or places?

  • Did you adopt a rescue dog with behavioral issues?

  • Are you looking for natural options to ease stress and reactivity?

What you'll get

Guided by Kathleen Aspenns’ extensive experience working with dogs and their carers, you will learn step by step how to assess your dog’s behavior and select the best flower essences to use to help.

  • 2 hours on-demand videos

  • 6 downloadable resources

  • full lifetime access

What Students Are Saying:

“This is a wonderful course to help your anxious dog! It offers concise but thorough information for working with flower essences, which are gentle and effective, for this issue, that anyone with an anxious dog can use. It is also reassuring that Kathleen is so calm herself. I work with animals and essences myself, and what was offered expanded my perspective. I highly recommend this course.”

Carla Simmons

“Kathleen delivers this info clearly and concisely. She offers great outlines that are easy to follow and the information is very helpful. You will learn a lot about yourself and your dog. Well worth the very reasonable investment.”

Ava Eskin

“I love the diagrams that map the content. I appreciate your calm voice which reassures me that help is available. I love when you said to experience my dog as an intelligent being and to see the world through her eyes!”

Patty Nunn

“Thank you, Kathleen Aspenns, for your course on Flower Essences For An Anxious Dog. I just acquired an Aussie/Collie puppy, and this course was just in time. Kathleen guides you through each chapter and explains the why, how, and when to use flower essences. There is a ton of information in this course. Best of all, Kathleen's sincerity, extensive knowledge and experience shine through with each word. I highly recommend this course for every dog owner that seeks a more gentle way of calming their anxious dog.”

Gary Marker

“Kathleen explains things very clearly and in an organized way that makes it easy to follow. She is very insightful.”

Annalea Verchinsky

“Really informative and detailed course. I now have a new perspective on how to help my dog with his anxiety. I highly recommend this course!”

Olga Browning

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Visual Signs of Nervousness

    • Observing Behavior for Clues

    • Breed Influences on Behavior

  3. 3
  4. 4
    • Thinking Ahead, and How to Use Rescue Remedy

    • Preparing Your Dog Ahead of Stressful Events

  5. 5
    • Taking a History, Part 1

    • Taking a History, Part 2

  6. 6
    • Easy to Use Combination Formulas for Dogs

    • Flower Essences for Fear and Separation Anxiety

    • Flower Essences for Calm, Environmental Stress, and Courage

  7. 7
    • Ways to Support Yourself as You Support Your Dog

  8. 8
    • Working Over Time

    • Working Over Time Part 2

  9. 9
    • My Trusted Sources to Support You and Your Dog


Kathleen Aspenns

Wellness Professional

Tellington Method Practitioner | Certified Flower Essence Practitioner | Chinese Medicine Acupressurist